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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Flashback Thursday

No, this isn't a new feature, but I ran across an old blog I'd written from 2 1/2 years ago that is food related and thought I'd share.

I found this while looking for a picture on MySpace. (Gasp! I know! I never log in there anymore, but I needed a picture I knew was on that old profile.) I wanted to post more, but I cursed way too much in them, and I'm trying to keep this a pretty clean language environment. Don't get me wrong now, I curse like a sailor (as many of you know) but until I am 100% sure on where I want my blog to go, I'm keeping it clean here.

Sep 22, 2008

I have this habit... well, not a habit really, since I don't really do it to myself, but when I am stressed or need some "me" time I try to relax with something I might not normally take the time for. This does not however, always translate to relaxation, as something is nearly guaranteed to go wrong. Never anything serious mind you, like setting the house on fire (knock on wood) or trips to the emergency room, just something enough to remind me that I am doomed to live a life annoyed with SOMETHING at all times.

Last week it was a hot bubble bath, I had it down to the lavender bubbles, candles, a good read, and a glass of wine. Right before I was ready to step in, Bo Jangles reached up, as if he knew what he was doing, and pushed my book into the tub. I watched the book float down the tub, looked at him looking me at as if he was saying "Yeah, I did it! Whateva!", and asked him what the "heck" (word replaced!) he had done that for.

Today it was cooking. I have this wonderful garden and haven't taken enough advantage of it. I had a spaghetti squash I actually got at the store and had been looking forward to making (it's a yellow squash you can scrape out like a pumpkin and it's "hecking" (word replaced!) delicious if you've never had it, but it requires preperation time I've learned), and decided to try stuffing my first pepper too, for an all healthy and veggie dinner.

Picked the  pepper, tomato, and basil from the garden, went to parents to steal cheese, garlic, and onion, and I dreamed of how this would be the best food ever and how I should be a chef because the public is missing out. (Hey, this was a little wine in already). I read a lot of recipies on how to prepare squash and decided to go with the "cut in half first" method. Set oven to 375...cut squash, salted... put in 3 qt baking pan with about 1/4 cup water, cooked for 40 minutes. Did the whole pepper thing... boiling, washing, cooking, baking, etc. for the pepper and it's fillings. For those of you who are still reading, I will cut the cooking details crap and get to the point. The squash wasn't smelling right... but not bad, just not like squash.

I got this all ready and on SCHEDULE, which impressed me, things were all going to be ready at the same time, I was "super jazzed". After the time was up I took the squash out (as I am pouring sweat because only I would decide to set my stove  this high, for that long, on a 75 degree day) and  began to examine it. It wasn't looking like I could scrape out what would look like angel hair pasta, and more like a gelatin. (Hence the name, spaghetti squash). **Elipses, elipses, elipses, oh  my!** I decided because I'd had to cook it in water I just had to wait for it to set. Like when you make instant mashed potatoes. This is how my logic works apparently. I got everything else wrapped up while I let my squash cool and came back to find the same, only cooler, mushy mess.

Long story still long, my Mom walked over to verify what I was suspecting. I had in fact just baked a big yellow melon.



At May 6, 2011 at 8:56 PM , Blogger Lola said...

I just wrote about a similar topic on my blog a few days ago at I think "me time" is super important, especially when you're stressed.


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