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Eclecticisms: Poetry Thursday

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Poetry Thursday

I hope this feature
of weekly poems and verse
engages your mind

Really, I do! I love watching people come up with haikus. I am still inviting everyone to submit anything they've written, as I'd love to share it here.

Tomorrow I have eye surgery and I have to admit, I felt a little nervous last night. It's nothing major; a quick laser procedure to polish off a small callus on my eye that's been bothering me. It isn't really noticable but it's become cumbersome enough to just get the surgery over with. I've had LASIK, so I know what to expect. No needles of course, which explains why I haven't really been thinking about it.

Tattoos don't bother me for some reason, but anything medical with needles leaves me absolutely petrified. It's an actual phobia I've struggled with my entire life and it SUCKS. Hypnosis therapy helped, but it's gotten worse again. I had an IV ealier this year and cried when the nurse came to put it in. Did I mention I'm almost 30? Haha... I'm so not a tough cookie in those situations.

OK- so I posted a haiku but then I rambled. I guess this is a ramblin' Thursday post? Oh, and I'm posting from my phone on the train! Me and my Grandma have similar "You can do that!?" reactions to technological features. She can handle needles though.

Happy Thursday! Watch for a new recipe tonight or tomorrow.



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