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Eclecticisms: Featured Ingredient: Brown Basmati Rice

Monday, May 2, 2011

Featured Ingredient: Brown Basmati Rice

One food that I've come to really, realy love over the past couple of years is brown rice. Even better than plain old brown rice? Brown basmati rice! It has a light, nutty flavor, and really adds to whatever dish you're making, no matter how simple or complex.

Rice is similar to sugar, in that the brown varieties are less processed. Basmati has the highest content of all rice for amino acids and essential nutrients. Low in fat (2 grams) and calories (170), and with 2 grams of fiber per serving, brown basmati is definitely a healthier choice for dishes such as stir-fry, than noodles or white rice would be.

Today's recipe is really just a suggested way to serve this rice in an especially delicious way. I had some left overs, threw them together, and voila. Tastebud heaven.


Brown basmati
Artichoke hearts

That's it!

Rinse and cook the rice until fluffy and liquid has been absorbed. While the rice cooks (it takes about 40 minutes... not good news for impatient people like me!) sautee articoke hearts in butter (or olive oil). When every thing is cooked, mix all three ingredients together. Add a bit of butter if the rice is dry.


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At May 2, 2011 at 6:27 PM , Blogger ohkeeka said...

Feta, my mortal foe! *shakes fist*

But other than that, it sounds tasty. I love brown basmati too. :)

At May 3, 2011 at 1:27 PM , Blogger Susan said...

Mmm...three of my favorite ingredients in the same dish! I've got a middle eastern dish you can make with brown basmati in a vegetarian form. As you know, my family doesn't cook with recipes. Remind me and I can try to write it out for you later. =)


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