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Eclecticisms: I need your help!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I need your help!

First, let me apologize for my recent lack of blogging. I've been very busy and not baking at all. I have plans to go apple picking soon (this Saturday if the rain holds off!) and finally cleaned my craft/art area, so more blogs will be here soon, I promise!

This quick blog is to let you know that I'm doing a Fam Sanctuary walk on October 2nd to help promote awareness of and end the cruel practices that occur on factory farms. This is a cause extremely close to my heart and I need your help!

Factory Farms are extremely hazardous to our health and the environment. I urge everyone to look more into the matter, whether or not you can donate. We need your help, even if that help comes in the form of self-education!

Here is a link to my page. Every dollar helps and I will be eternally grateful for anything you can give!

Here's a quick link to get you started with some information. Remember the recall of hundreds of millions of eggs for salmonella contamination recently? That's just one example of why our standards on what we put in our bodies and where it comes from needs to change. This isn't just for the factory farmed animals... it's for the good of everyone involved, including Mother Earth.

As always, thanks so much for reading my blog! (And I promise... I'll write a more "fun" one very soon!)


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