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Eclecticisms: Pickles in the AM (P.I.T.A)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Pickles in the AM (P.I.T.A)

The morning of Jan 1, 2011 brought me an idea for a new feature on my blog, "Pickles in the AM". My brother's cat Pickles, LOVES to wake me up in the morning by circling my head, sitting on me, running around... pretty much by doing aything I don't want her to be doing that early. Twice now (including this morning) I've snapped a picture of her with my phone. Both have turned out so well, that I decided to share my first-thing-in-the-morning images with you. I'll put these up occasionally, to share my morning encounters with this adorably stumpy little kitty.

In this first picture, the flash pissed her off and she ran away. Val 1, Pickles 0.

Oct(ish) 2010:

This one did NOT scare her. Val 1, Pickles 1.

Jan 1, 2011:



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