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Eclecticisms: 2010 (Blog Hoppity Hop)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

2010 (Blog Hoppity Hop)

2010 has been a weird year for me. I've definitely been on an emotional rollercoaster and dealing with some issues that have held me down on several occasions. I felt defeated and I let it take over for awhile, but I'm back on track and doing well.

My friend Juliea posted this blog hop and I'm taking part to help share a bit about myself and see how many of you do the same!

Copy the questions below and answer them on your blog. Don't forget to also copy and paste the code for the Thumbnail Blog Roll below, too, so others can join in!

What was the most exciting, heart-stirring thing that happened in your life and/or business this year?
Honestly, blogging. I finally found a way to combine writing and art in a format that I'd never used and it really allows me to express myself like I haven't in a long time. Knowing people are reading it really makes me feel amazing and gives me a sort of deadline. I know if I stop baking or creating, I stop posting and you stop reading. That is NOT something I want to happen and it's a driving force that I really need and appreciate.

•What was your biggest learning?
There wasn't anything in particular that happened to spark this, but I've learned to better live in the moment, but at the same time let it pass. Holding on to hurtful things has always been a problem of mine. I have a thick skin for the most part, but certain things... they just get to me and I can't shake them. Someone might be rude to me and say something hateful (even if it's just someone on the street or train) and I'll just re-live it over and over and over, until I make myself sick. This is NOT a healthy way to live life, and I think I'm finally coming to terms with that.
•How did you stretch yourself?
I made to-do lists and set deadlines. I didn't meet my goals 100%, but I stuck to the plan and creatively grew more this year then I have in awhile.

Now take a deeper look at 2010. Ask yourself the following questions to help spotlight your successes and uncover nuggets of learning:

Look back at the goals you set out for 2010. Which ones were you most proud of accomplishing? Which goals were easier to meet than you thought? Which ones were more challenging? Why?
A lot of these are job related, and since I have co-workers reading, I'm going to skimp on this answer to avoid getting me and my big mouth into trouble. :) I was about to say that I hadn't really set any goals for myself, but I realy did. I promised myself to blog regularly. I did. I needed to do home repairs and ended up stripping VERY old wallpaper and repainting a room. I now have a bedroom that is calming and I absolutely love it. I painted my front porch. I started recycling more. I cleaned out closets. I tried new things and met new people. Which one of these am I most proud of? All of them really; Even the trivial ones. The most challenging was meeting new friends. Some of you know that I suffer from depression and anxiety, which sometimes becomes very debilitating. In the past, I'd turned to unhealthy ways to get past this, but those were not good choices (nor did they work) and I gave that solution up long ago. I'm healing more and more each day, though I do hit ruts from time to time, sometimes often. Getting out there and being open, meeting others, being happy... these are things that sometimes come so natural to me that it makes it all the harder when they don't. This is why it was the most difficult, and yet probably the most rewarding. (Isn't that usually the case though?)

How did you honor your values?
I continued to stay true to my vegetarianism and learned more recipes and shared them with others. I did the Farm Sanctuary Walk to fight factory farming. I grew a whole new awareness of my impact on the earth and started to recycle more than ever. I didn't get back into leafleting for animal rights, but plan to look into it for 2011.

•What did you enjoy doing that you want to do more of?
Visiting friends (near and far!), blogging, yoga (which I FINALLY started doing regularly again!), reading (again... finally back to regularly picking up a book and not taking 4 months to finish!) and trying tons of new recipes. Also- playing piano. I'm mostly self-taught and not good by far, but it's a wonderful creative outlet and a ton of fun.

•What do you need to stop doing or let go of?
Being so hot and cold. I either procrastate or move on full steam ahead until I'm sleep deprived and cranky. I have a typical addictive personality though, so that one will take a LOT of work.

•What new opportunities are available for 2011 and beyond?
School. That's more of an "and beyond" goal though. I'd love to go back for my Masters in something other than boring old business. I'd also like to build up my blog base and really focus on making it a sort of 2nd full-time job. •In the remaining weeks of the year, is there anything else you want to do to help you put a pretty bow on 2010?
Get through the holidays with a genuine smile. Thanksgiving was hard, and I'm determined to make the little we have left of 2010 great.

•What is one thing that stands between you and your goals?
Depression and money, which sometimes (ok, often) go hand in hand. I have so many ideas but often have absolutely no way to afford things I really crave (maybe even need). If I could focus on getting financially in order (god- how do I do that, especially now?!) I know several doors would open.

•My Question: What is something/someone you have let go of in the past few years that you're comitting to bring back into your life?

Below - Submit a thumbnail image and a link to your blog/website. Copy the code available and post it on your blog post.

I love you guys!



At December 15, 2010 at 5:55 AM , Blogger gypsy_jewels said...

What a great post! So glad that you participated.

I also want to visit friends far and near more often (wink wink, nudge nudge).

<3 you.


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