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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kind People- (New recipes coming soon!)

I feel like it's harder and harder to find genuinely kind people out there. I open up too quickly probably, and have become a bit jaded about people in general. I need to be more open to letting them show me how wonderful they are and I've been working on doing that for quite awhile, despite my set-backs.

This morning, I had a cab driver who absolutely made my day, and reminded me that there are good people out there. It might not seem like a big deal, but here's how it went.

I get in the cab, and after I gave him the address he asked, "Which is the best way to go? I'm not going to lie, I've only been doing this about 4 weeks." I laughed, and told him the best route to take. I  saw someone had forgotten their umbrella in the back seat, and he looked so incredibly sad! He told me, "Oh no, I should have checked!". What a great guy. He actually made me feel like if I wasn't in the cab already he would have hunted this guy down.

He told me that he was starting off downtown and learning the streets before venturing to other areas of the city, and pointed out his "waiting spot" to me, where "a lot of very nice peopel work!". Halfway to work I pointed out a curve he might miss. He said something like, "Look at you! You know where you're going and you're not afraid to speak up! Thanks!"  That's me for sure. :)

We made small talk the entire way, which normally I am not a fan of (if you live in Chicago and take cabs, you'll probably understand why). He's from Memphis and told me about how he grew up a mile from Graceland. He has memories of driving past on the way to his aunt's house as a kid, when Elvis was still alive.

He also told me about how he really loves his job (especially meeting new people) and works 16 hours days (except his 7 hour Sundays!)- and his only "eh" was that he has no health insurance or benefits. We talked a bit about reform. After I told him that I work in Accounting, he mentioned that he was concerned with tracking all his receipts, so I told him what Excel was and how it can help him track mileage, expenses, etc., and he was SO excited. His words, "Shit... they say ... this job has no benefits? THIS is a benefit!"

He then asked if I was married or dating... I told him no, and he was like (not in a pervert way) "You're a sharp and a beautiful young lady! Wow! That's crazy!" That was a much needed compliment, as my self esteem has been a bit low, pretty much my entire life I guess. He said it in a genuine way too... not perverted or creepy, unlike the cab driver who once said he would waive my cab fare but wanted to come in for coffee. Haha... that was a fun night. I obviously declined, but he still didn't take my money.

The trip this morning was $7.65- he said "just give me $7". I gave him $10.

Mr.Cab Driver, I am sorry I didn't get your name, but where ever you are, thank you for being amazing and putting a smile on my face at 8AM on a rainy day.


At May 14, 2010 at 12:51 PM , Blogger Shrimp Salad Circus said...

This is such a sweet story. It's nice to find the silver lining in ordinary moments.

Thank you for your sweet comment about my Nikki the other day.

- Lindsay


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