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Cinnamon Bread (Another non-yeast bread)

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Eclecticisms: Cinnamon Bread (Another non-yeast bread)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cinnamon Bread (Another non-yeast bread)

Last night I made some cinnamon bread using a recipe off


This recipe taught me one thing for sure, and that is that buttermilk smells horrible! Yuck. I almost wondered if it was bad, but it was freshly bought, sealed and no where near the expiration date. Yeah, it just doesn't smell good. It sure does make yummy bread though!


The first parts of the recipe are standard and easy to follow. The batter was a bit sticky but pouring it into the pan wasn't a big deal.

When I crumbled the butter mixture on the top, I realized that using cold butter would probably be a good idea next time. As far as my limited experience has taught me, butter should always be at room temperature but in this case, you want it crumbly and a bit chunky. Even though my butter wasn't cold, it turned out ok. The colder butter might even sink more... who knows. Next time I'll find out!

Ready for the oven...

Like with the zucchini bread I used the bread pan I have, which is about 8 x 3.5 and not the standard 9 x 5. I hoped that this loaf would also turn out fine. After the called for 50 minutes of baking... raw! I'm starting to feel pretty sure it's partly my oven too... as everything seems to take just a bit longer to cook.


I put it back in for about 12 more minutes and it ended up cooking fine. Still, I really need to get a standard sized bread pan!

With or without butter, this bread is pretty damn yummy.



At February 25, 2010 at 7:00 AM , Blogger Leslie said...

Mmmm - I think the finished product looks beautiful (and delicious!) Too bad I never got a piece. :)


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