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Eclecticisms: Frozen Pipes and Floods

Monday, February 8, 2010

Frozen Pipes and Floods

Some early 2009 winter fun for you to enjoy reading about!

Sunday: After having a gutted bathroom for about a month, tub was FINALLY installed, so I took a great jet-bath with my book and a glass of wine. Walls still missing, no ceiling, exposed insulation, etc. Still, how relaxing!

Monday: Wake up for work, time to wash my face! Turn on faucet... no water. Hm. Check bathroom (no sink there so I've been using the kitchen)... no water to the tub either. We call 311.... they are not working that day. Give dog and cat a bowl of snow (for water) and go to work.

Tuesday PM: Pulled some strings, city comes by and spends 2 hours working on heating pipes. No luck. Still no water. Continue to use canteen to wash face and brush teeth, and use buckets of water from parent's to flush toilet. Try to go potty anytime I am not home. Ew. haha

Tuesday 11:30PM: City comes by and paints the ground to mark pipes

Wednesday: Start time 7AM. After about 4 hours work, city decides the pipes are frozen under the street. Close street, dig giant holes. Do stuff with pipes. 7PM. I arrive home. They're still working, neighbors in the street watching... big holes... icy.... flooding along curb.Skip forward, water starts working, so we turned on faucets to let the water get going and not freeze again and clear the pipes. I come in after walking the dog, and hear something or someone in the house....turns out it was a waterfall. (OK, I'm exaggerating. Still... it was water.) The 2nd floor bathroom flooded due to a slow drain (I never use it) which ran into the first floor bathroom because there is no ceiling from the construction, which ran into the basement because there are no wall either. I am so glad I can flush my toilets.

Cleaned up flood on all 3 floors. Wrote blog.


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