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My Wall Paper Removal Saga (Part 2)

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Eclecticisms: My Wall Paper Removal Saga (Part 2)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

My Wall Paper Removal Saga (Part 2)

I so wish I could tell you that I have been baking and have yummy recipes to share, but alas, I cannot. The idea of turning on my oven in the summer before the air conditioners are in is pretty gross, so baking has been put on hold. (Though I do have an idea for a veggie brown rice casserole that I want to make soon...maybe tonight?)

I apologize for being such a blog-slacker lately! I'm so busy, and without the baking it's harder to get started on one. Without further ado, here is the rest of the story on how the wallpaper removal/painting went, and the results!

Now, where was I? Priming I think. Apologies about the blurry pictures... I'm not sure why they turned out so crappy.

The patching was done and it was time to prime. I was VERY glad to be past all the prep work, but at this point I was utterly exhausted and to be honest, sick of the project. I enjoy painting, but NOT the prep work. 

For those who have never painted, you do the corners and edges first, followed by the ceiling. Feather out the paint when you're doing this, so you don't end up seeing the lines where you stopped along these areas. Repeat with paint color of your choice.

Here's the room partially primed...

 Anytime I've painted, I've always written my name on the wall before rolling. I have no idea why I do it- but I do!

I got the edges/corners painted, but at about this point I was extremely tired, I spilled paint, I crushed my finger in a ladder (holy cow did that hurt... the bruise is still under my nail!) and I was overall just very stressed about things in general. When I finished the edges I sat down, and cried. I had a lot going on and was extremely upset with myself when I accepted the fact that I just didn't have the energy to finish the room that day. Anyone who knows me can tell you I'm all about getting into a project and pushing myself until it's done, even if that means painting until late into the night (which was the case the night before, in this instance). I just wanted my new bedroom. I wanted to rest- I wanted to be done. I went, laid down, and took a nap. I wake up to find my Dad painting for me. Have I ever told you how awesome he is and how lucky I am? In case I didn't, I'm telling you now.

Here's Footloose checking out the new room. The last time I painted, my cat managed to get blue pawprints throughout the house, so I was being extra mindful as to where my fuzzy buddies were this time.

My Dad had me roll the last small section, and it was done! Finally! Well- all except for moving furniture, clothes, organizing, cleaning, etc. The color is a pale green... it's a bit hard to tell from these pictures, but you get the idea. I think it looks perfect against the wood- very vintage!

That night, I transferred all my closet stuff over to the new one (which took about 2 hours when all was said and done). The closets in my house are deep, so I went into the basement and brought up an old table. I washed it up, and put it in the back so I didn't have to stack a bunch of things on each other for some NOT easy access. It worked out great!

The next day I recruited my Dad and brother to help me move everything over into my new room. Here are Bo Jangles and Pickles checking out action...

Once everything was moved over, I started to organize. I had a bunch of things stacked in random spots, and my cat managed to knock over a pile that included an aromatherapy oil burner/diffuser. Oil spilled all over and it was a huge mess. A candle holder broke. I fixed it. It broke again. I fixed it again. I sat in a chair that I forgot was broken (see a trend?) and I fell. Ugh! I needed this to be done, but I was still enjoying and excited about setting up, despite all distasters and mishaps.

Before I go on to the final results, I have to go back to my writing my name on the wall and mention the finish of paint I used. I've always used a matte finish in bedrooms. Always. I don't know why, but the jerk at Home Depot (he really was a jerk) told me to get eggshell because "it's easier to wash". I was confused when he said that... I mean, really. I'm not 8 years old and writing on my walls in crayon. Still, it was after 9 PM, I was tired, so I went with it. It turns out that eggshell shows any and all marks on walls, and since I have old plaster, there's a lot of small dings that it didn't cover as well as it would have, had I gotten a different finish. Not a big deal, but definitely a learning experience.


After all this work, the weeks of labor, the stress, the exhaustion (I'm such a baby), the mess, things breaking, I finally laid down on my bed on my back to relax for a minute or two before putting on the final touches. I look up, only to see "VAL" through the paint. One word came out of my mouth. "Shiiiiiiiiit!". You can really only see it from underneath while looking up while the overhead light is on though, so again, not a big deal. I have a scret wish that one day, long into the future, someone will see it and think I am haunting them. Muwahahaha.

And now for the finished product!  

The lamp inthe corner is an antique I got out of the attic, and it fits PERFECTLY! This room has so much more privacy and just feels so complete. I love it!

So, that's it. I have another room to do, but I'll put that off until my 30's or maybe even 40's. (30 is only a couple of years away! Egad...).

The moral of the story? Wallpaper can kiss my butt.


At June 7, 2010 at 3:46 PM , Blogger Leslie said...

I love the final product!!! I'm so proud of you - it looks so good! I wish I could see it!


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