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Eclecticisms: Tickled Tuesday

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tickled Tuesday

Why do I do these "Tickled Tuesday" posts? To cheer me up... to cheer you up, hopefully. I read a quote today that sums it up better than I ever could.

"Much of our failure to understand human nature arises from neglect of this need to have our faculties excited and our lives thereby enhanced. The human animal cannot be itself without this exciting enhancement. Excitement is not merely good, it is indispensable to a proper human life."

-Lancelot Law Whyte, Scottish Psysicist

The last line of that quote pretty much sums it up. Excitement is vital, even when you're in a state of rest and relaxation. When practicing yoga, I find I benefit most from it when I am relaxed and completely involved with my body and spirit as one. The excitement of this allows me to continue to learn how to fully experience sensations and emotions.

Excitement? It keeps us engaged. It keeps us happy. It's the stuff life should be made of.



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