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Eclecticisms: Back from a long hiatus.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Back from a long hiatus.

Phew. Is it strange for me to say that coming back to my blog is a sensation like catching my breath? I feel as though I've been away and unable to catch up with myself the past month or so. Writing is so therapeutic to me but I didn't realize how much I missed it and really needed it.

I do have a recipe to share but I'm saving that for later in the week. Tomorrow Tickled Tuesday resumes, and as long as I can fend off colds and stomach pains (seriously- I've been a mess!) I'll have more recipes soon. As I'd mentioned in past blogs, the heat this year was really bad and I just didn't want to bake or cook much.  My garden was a bit neglected as well, because of either heat, mosquitoes (see picture below...), a cold, plans/parties, etc.

Today's blog isn't so much for you guys as it is for me. (Sorry!) I do want to share what I've been doing this summer, but I feel like getting some things down, documenting things and events, and just writing in general will help me tremendously. Mentally and spiritually I've been in a funk lately and I'm more than ready to get past it.

Getting past these blues, lethargy and stress should be a lot easier with the fall approaching. Autumn is my favorite season by far. The crisp cool air, warm shades of foliage, the scurry of the squirrels getting ready for winter, the smell of pies and casseroles replacing the smells of BBQ and pools... it all makes me feel a bit nostalgic. I think this has a lot to do with the fact that this time of year always meant school was starting, which was a pretty pivotal point annually for so many years of our lives. I feel more alive in the fall and always get an itch to hit the road and make changes in my life. I find energy begins to return to me as the hot days and many events slowly wind down until we've traded our shorts and flip flops for warm jackets and scarves. Fall may be when the greenery goes into a deep sleep and we hole up in our houses or apartments but it's when I feel most alive and renewed. It's almost as if the life and energy that leaves my surroundings is lent to me (for awhile).
*This feeling lasts through around New Years, and then it's all down hill for a bit, as that time in March comes where it's still snowing and  you're starting to see interest charges on those christmas presents you bought with your credit card, and the trains are always behind blaming the weather, and if you have to shovel the walk one last time you're gonna...   Well, that time in March. That time of March I'm ready for spring and regrowth!

This summer was a fun, busy one. I saw a lot of my family (which means more to me than anything!), my brother got married, I started hula hooping and I've been able to connect with some wonderful people on a deeper level while weeding out some people in my life that just weren't good for me.

Here are some pictures to sum up my summer, and where I've been during my short hiatus. Here's to a fabulous fall and winter of baking, creating and living to the fullest. Kitchen, here I come.

My brother Brian married Sarah!

Here are a few of us in the limo, after the wedding. I have to say, it was the highlight of the night! (If you don't watch the entire scene, at least check out the headbanging part!)

Mr. Bo was as scholarly as ever this summer.

Bo saw me going for his picture... he grabbed my camera cord and pulled with all of his might.

I got some pretty sweet bug bites this summer. I can STILL faintly see them, and this was a month ago!

And last but not least, some garden pictures!


Look at those sun flowers!


I'm SO glad to be back. Thanks for sticking around!

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At September 13, 2011 at 4:18 AM , Blogger ohkeeka said...

What the EFF happened to your leg?! Are you allergic to mosquito bites or something? That doesn't look right! And it looks painful!

Glad to see you back and I can't wait for those recipes. :) It's funny, I love fall, but I always get depressed at this time of the year.

At September 13, 2011 at 8:27 AM , Blogger BEadECLECTIC said...

They MAY have been chiggers, but I do get allergic reactions to moisquito bites. I had to use concealer on the legs for my brother's wedding!!!


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