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Eclecticisms: Giveaway!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


So, it's not MY giveaway I'm posting about... it's my cousin's (her FIRST!) and you should enter!

 Katie owns a lovely shop in Barrington, IL and will have online shopping set up within one MONTH! Woot! She's starting to build up her blog followers as well, and I see more fun and giveaways to come. (*wink*wink*)

Go check out her blog (and follow her!) to enter her fabulous giveaway!


Thanks for your continued support! I have a recipe to come later. It's not fantastic, but it was, well, a learning experience. I need your inpout on it, too!

Happy Wednesday!

*hy all the exclamation points, you ask? Because it's exciting, that's why!



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